2014 Best Website Winner: Woot.com

The 2014 A Site to See Award for Best Website goes to… Woot.com!


Heidi had this to say about Woot’s website:

Like the playfulness of concepts at Woot and creativity in “if you haven’t seen it since yesterday” – provides a sense of needing to return often.

Here’s the nomination for Woot:

Organization: Woot.com (http://www.woot.com)
Submitted by Wooter!

The copy for woot, an online store that shares new deals every day, is always filled with humor and a little bit of attitude. Just take a look at the what is woot? Page: “Woot is a lifestyle. Woot is a vision. Woot is a pungent aroma that never apologizes for what it is. Woot is the hope in the eyes of a child when that child realizes you don’t have to pay List Price for cool stuff. Woot is an ever-evolving deal maelstrom churning around a tornado circling a mystery. If you haven’t seen Woot since yesterday, you haven’t seen Woot.”

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