2013 Best Email Winner: Wendii Lord

The 2013 Mark as Always Read Award for Best Email goes to… Wendii Lord!


Mike had this to say about Wendii’s email:

“Demonstrating a healthy sense of humor is largely about being human, laughing at your own mistakes, being humble and being authentic, which Wendii demonstrated in spades.” –Mike

Here’s the nomination for Wendii:

Individual: Wendii Lord
Organization: Manager Tools (site)
Submitted by Anon

Wendii sent out a newsletter email that had a few errors in it. She immediately sent out an email apologizing for the mistakes. A week later she shared what happened as a result. The pure honesty of both of the emails is quite different than what we normally get in the corporate world and shared an insight into Wendii’s day.

The Email:

Date: April 9, 2013
To: (Manager Tools Subscribers)
Subject: The Apology What Happened Next

Last week, I sent out a Newsletter riddled with errors. Soon after I realized, I sent an apology note. What happened next was amazing.

I got over 100 notes from readers saying everything from ‘don’t worry’ to ‘glad to know you’re human’. There were people who made me laugh: the one line note that said ‘can I give you some feedback….’; people who made me cry: the note that offered to be my cheerleader and gave me a list of positives. There were notes that said they admired my professionalism, integrity and honesty. There were notes that said they don’t mind the errors because the information is helpful. I got notes which said readers were forwarding the apology to their directs as an example.

There was not one note which said ‘you’re an idiot and you shouldn’t be doing your job’. Not one with even the slightest negative tone. Even the person who pointed out the mistakes sent me a note saying ‘I hope I didn’t get you into trouble’.

I want to say thank you to every single person who wrote. I wish you’d been in my office when those notes started to come in – you’d have seen the visible change in my mental state. You changed my day. Thank you. I was reminded that we have the best listeners and readers in the world.

I also want everyone to know the lesson I learnt from this. If you need to apologize do it quickly and sincerely. We teach this in ‘Do you need to apologize’ and I never have had a problem with apologizing. I try not to send mistakes to 50,000 people though! The consequences of pretending something didn’t happen, or covering up are invariably negative. The consequences of apologizing are surprisingly positive not negative. Gather up your courage, and if you need to apologize do so. You might be amazed at the response too.

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