2014 Best Email Winner: Mandi Runkles

The 2014 Mark as Always Read Award for Best Email goes to… Mandi Runkles!


Julie Ann had this to say about Mandi’s email:

Do I really need to explain my choice of someone who utilizes National Humor month to educate the masses?

Here’s the nomination for Mandi:

Individual: Mandi Runkles
Organization: Frederick County Bank (https://www.frederickcountybank.com/)
Submitted by Mandi 

To celebrate Humor Month, Mandi sent out a daily email that encouraged her coworkers to take a break with humor. Here are a few examples of the fun she encouraged:

National Humor Month

National Humor Month was founded in 1976 by best-selling humorist Larry Wilde, Director of The Carmel Institute of Humor. It is designed to heighten public awareness on how the joy and therapeutic value of laughter can improve health, boost morale, increase communication skills and enrich the quality of one’s life.”

Create a Funny File of Your Own

Find out what makes you laugh and nurture it. Each of us has an individual sense of humor. There are many life experiences we can look back on and laugh about uproariously. Childhood incidents, school situations, even marriage mishaps.

Remember the embarrassing moments that were so painful when they happened but are funny now when you think about them.

Doodle for Your Noodle

Researchers suspect that doodling helps keep people more alert and reduces daydreaming. In a study of 40 adults, half of the group shaded in a row of shapes and the other half did nothing while listening to a boring phone message. Later, when asked to remember what they had heard, the doodlers recalled 29 percent more information than the nondoodlers.

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