2013 Best Website Winner: MailChimp

The 2013 A Site to See Award for Best Website goes to… MailChimp!


Mike had this to say about MailChimp’s website:

“MailChimp makes generous use of humor throughout their branding. Their website consistently projects a light, friendly, approachable and playful tone.” –Mike

Here’s the nomination for MailChimp:

Organization: Mailchimp (site)
Submitted by A_Monkey

The MailChimp website incorporates humor in almost everything they do. The most obvious is through Freddie, the animated MailChimp Monkey Mascot. On each page he shares tips, links to humorous videos, and quick jokes to make your day brighter. As FastCompany said, “MailChimp has added a splash of mischief to a product category not know for… well, much of anything.”

Website: http://www.mailchimp.com

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