Legacy of Laughter Award Winner: Joel Goodman

The 2013 Legacy of Laughter Award (a custom award) goes to… Dr. Joel Goodman!


Custom Awards are created, with winners selected, by the nominator. Here’s the nomination for Joel Goodman:

Award Name: The LOL (Legacy of Laughter) Award
Award Winner: Joel Goodman
Organization: The Humor Project, Inc. (site)
Submitted by JG

Joel has been promoting the value of humor in the workplace since 1968. In fact, Joel is one of only two professional speakers in the world to have presented in all 50 states and on all seven continents. He has spoken at national and state conferences and in-house training programs for schools, human service organizations, corporations, non-profits, government agencies, and professional associations. Lucie Arnaz (Emmy-winning daughter of Lucille Ball) says “No one on the planet could be more deserving of recognition for what they have done for spreading the word on the healing power of laughter than Joel, Margie (his business partner and wife), and The Humor Project.”

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