2014 Best Training Program Winner: Kiewit

The 2014 Learned Me Good Award for Best Training Program goes to… Kiewit!


Jill had this to say about Kiewit’s training program:

I have to admit that, being a cowgirl at heart, I was influenced by the rodeo.  What a creative and exciting way to reward employees for acquiring these new skills and being able to ride that “bull” machinery!

Here’s the nomination for Kiewit:

Organization: Kiewit (http://www.kiewit.com/)
Submitted by Perk-o-late

Kiewit has an usual way of helping employees improve their skills. The company deals with heavy machinery (such as backhoes and compactors) which require practice in operating. To help solidify the training, after they learn how to use the machines, they compete in an “Equipment Rodeo” with a chance to win prizes.

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