2014 Best Humorist Winner: Kathy Keaton

The 2014 Most Humorous Individual Award for Best Humorist goes to… Kathy Keaton!


Avish had this to say about Kathy’s use of humor:

I like how she uses humor in the most stressful, difficult times to help people.

Here’s the nomination for Kathy:

Individual: Kathy Keaton
Organization: San Angelo Community Medical Center (http://www.sacmc.com/)
Submitted by KK

Kathy is a Therapeutic Clown Practitioner, sometimes called A Caring Clown. As a stress management humor professional, she is one of the few in her state employed to practice gentle and light hearted humor. Nurses guide her to rooms where patients could use a little lift, which she provides. Whether it’s in the emergency, common waiting areas, or ICU, Kathy finds people who may be experiencing the stress, anxiety or pain that come with an unexpected accident or illness, uses humor to help them give them renewed hope and a smile.

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