Let the Man/Woman Speak for Best Presentation

The finalists for the 2013 Let the Man/Woman Speak for Best Presentation are:

Individual: Lisa Warsinke
Organization: Find the Fun (site)
Submitted by Goddess of Fun

Lisa shares a presentation titled Friends; What’s Left When the Chocolates are Gone that is a playful, interactive hour that includes improvisation, recordings of actual phone calls of with telemarketers who call when I’m eating, and a variety of games, including one that has attendees digging through their wallets and purses to earn a fabulous prize.

Individual: Amy Cuddy
Organization: Harvard Business School (site)
Submitted by Happy Pose

Amy shares an incredible presentation about the power of body language that not only includes impressive research, compelling anecdotes, and actionable exercises, it also leaves with an message for the listener to walk away with.

Individual: Etienne Garbugli
Organization: Etienne Garbugli (site)
Submitted by PhilPill

Etienne’s Time Management hacks are to-the-point, actionable, and relevant. The presentation includes quotations from experts, a sense of fun, and valuable lessons that can improve your everyday work when taken to heart.