A Site to See Award for Best Website

The finalists for the 2013 A Site to See Award for Best Website are:

Organization: Mailchimp (site)

Submitted by A_Monkey

The MailChimp website incorporates humor in almost everything they do. The most obvious is through Freddie, the animated MailChimp Monkey Mascot. On each page he shares tips, links to humorous videos, and quick jokes to make your day brighter. As FastCompany said, “MailChimp has added a splash of mischief to a product category not know for… well, much of anything.”

Website: http://www.mailchimp.com

Organization: Google (site)

Submitted by DH!

Google’s website is a perfect example of humor use. The landing page is clean and simple, not cluttered like most other search engines. The Google Doodles changes on a daily basis and usually celebrates an event for that day; sometimes it’s impressive artwork, sometimes it’s interactive games. They also have fun embedded into their message: just type in “recursion” or “askew” into the Google search bar, or read the warning message in Incognito mode.

Website: http://www.google.com

Organization: Last.fm (site)

Submitted by Robb

The Last.fm website is great for listening to music but it also has some fun, subtle elements, such as the rotating quotation box in the footer of the page. But perhaps the biggest example of humor is unseen by most people in the robots.txt file where the site disallows “/harming/humans” and “/ignoring/human/orders.”

Website: http://www.last.fm