2013 Best Recognition Program Winner: FedEx

The 2013 You Better Recognize Award for Best Recognition Program goes to… FedEx!


Chip had this to say about FedEx’s recognition program:

“I like the peer to peer humanitarian aspect. I think we can spend a lot of time and effort elsewhere when a real need exists standing right next to us.” –Chip

Here’s the nomination for FedEx:

Organization: FedEx (site)
Submitted by Anon

In addition to traditional corporate awards, FedEx also gives out the FedEx Humanitarian Award. This award goes to team members who reach out to others in times of need, exhibiting behavior that goes above and beyond job responsibility and even beyond basic community responsibility. The Humanitarian Award originated at FedEx Express, where through the years, numerous employees have been cited for rushing to the aid of people facing life-threatening situations, personal tragedies and misfortune.

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