The 2013 Fake Job Title / Straight Face Award (a custom award) goes to… Beth Slazak!


Custom Awards are created, with winners selected, by the nominator. Here’s the nomination for Beth Slazak:

Award Name: Fake Job Title / Straight Face Award
Award Winner: Beth Slazak
Organization: (Not Given)
Submitted by IfYouAskIWillTell

Beth works in the medical field, and is required countless times a day to give non HIPA related information out to third parties on the phone.  For security protocol, a name and job title is always requested.  This gets boring, and demeaning, quickly.  On an Anything-Can-Happen Thursday she takes some license with her title of  “Records” or sometimes “Secretary.” They started as random but now relate to what office was talked about that day. Example titles include “Office Ray of Sunshine,” “Zombie Defender,” and “Hope for All Mankind.”

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