The 2014 Most Humorous Company Award for Best Corporate Culture goes to… DPR Construction!


Jill had this to say about DPR Construction’s culture:

You don’t often think of construction companies as having a sense of humor.  I loved the idea of the Celebrate This party to celebrate whatever the occasion called for.

Here’s the nomination for DPR Construction:

Organization: DPR Construction (
Submitted by nunchuks

DPR Construction celebrates both its work and its people. One of their biggest awards which includes a free week of vacation and a $2,000 trip, was named after one of their employees who hit 30,000 consecutive hours without an accident.  Each month they have a CelebrateThis party to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and every work location has a wine bar where employees can socialize at the end of the day. All told, 95% of employees say that DPR is a fun place to work.

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