2013 Best Humorist Winner: Carol Spurgeon

The 2013 Most Humorous Individual Award for Best Humorist goes to… Carol Spurgeon!


Andrew had this to say about Carol’s use of humor:

“The fact that Carol uses humor daily, and does it in so many ways, makes her worthy of Best Humorist!” –Andrew

Here’s the nomination for Carol:

Individual: Carol Spurgeon
Organization: The Gardens Tulsa (site)
Submitted by Valerie

Carol Spurgeon is the Activity Director of Gardens Tulsa and is known as one of the funniest people there. She will do ANYTHING for a laugh. She sings, dances, plays, jokes, teases, and laughs her way through EVERY day. Gardens Tulsa doesn’t have karaoke, they have Carolokie. She sings any song from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Lastly, Carol brings her dog Pedro (Chihuahua) to work with her, and he will also sing on command. The residents LOVE Carol and Pedro.

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