The 2014 Best Surreptitious Selfies at Others Expense Winner Award (a custom award) goes to… Danette Pawlowski!


Custom Awards are created, with winners selected, by the nominator. Here’s the nomination for Danette Pawlowski:

Award Name:  Best Surreptitious Selfies at Others Expense Winner
Award Winner: Danette Pawlowski
Submitted by ninja giggler

Danette regularly finds the most amusing of experiences at her work and manages to take an undercover selfie highlighting herself and the incident to share with a small number of friends.  She not only recognizes the humor, but adds to ours with her technological quips.

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The 2014 Best Re-Allocation of Room Designations Award (a custom award) goes to… Beth Slazak!


Custom Awards are created, with winners selected, by the nominator. Here’s the nomination for Beth Slazak:

Award Name:  Best Re-Allocation of Room Designations
Award Winner: Beth Slazak
Submitted by ninja giggler

At the Doctor’s office where Beth works, they have an employees only bathroom.  In an effort to make it less noticeable to patients, they turned the name plate around so that it no longer read Bathroom, but was just a blank plate.

To stealthily dress it up a bit, Beth printed and cut signs that she tapes over the blank plate.  These include Tardis, Elysian Fields, Nirvana, and the obligatory Narnia, among others.

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2014 Best Humorist Winner: Kathy Keaton

The 2014 Most Humorous Individual Award for Best Humorist goes to… Kathy Keaton!


Avish had this to say about Kathy’s use of humor:

I like how she uses humor in the most stressful, difficult times to help people.

Here’s the nomination for Kathy:

Individual: Kathy Keaton
Organization: San Angelo Community Medical Center (
Submitted by KK

Kathy is a Therapeutic Clown Practitioner, sometimes called A Caring Clown. As a stress management humor professional, she is one of the few in her state employed to practice gentle and light hearted humor. Nurses guide her to rooms where patients could use a little lift, which she provides. Whether it’s in the emergency, common waiting areas, or ICU, Kathy finds people who may be experiencing the stress, anxiety or pain that come with an unexpected accident or illness, uses humor to help them give them renewed hope and a smile.

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2014 Best Prank Winner: Greg Benson

The 2014 And We’re Still Friends Award for Best Prank goes to… Greg Benson!


Heidi had this to say about Greg’s prank:

This literally made me LOL and I look forward to sharing it. Again, something we can all relate to and it makes a great point.

Here’s the nomination for Greg:

Individual: Greg Benson
Organization: Mediocre Films (
Submitted by hello1

It can get pretty annoying to hear people talking loudly on their phones, business people sometimes being the worst offenders. Greg and team show one way to deal with those loud talkers.

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2014 Best Story Winner: A Greenster

The 2014 Gather Around and Listen Award for Best Story goes to… A Greenster!


Julie Ann had this to say about A Greenster’s story:

Short sweet to the point and I could just see the supervisor and his face.  Wish I had a sculpture.

Here’s the nomination for A Greenster:

Individual: A Greenster
Organization: NA
Submitted by redditor

Sometimes you have to find ways to pass the time at work and those ways aren’t always appreciated. Greenster shares how he kept himself busy in a factory and the results (both short and long term).


I worked at an automotive parts manufacturing factory while going to art college, and part of my job was boxing up parts and attaching a tag onto the box with thin wire. But for every box I completed (one every couple hours) I sculpted a little animal out of the wire with needle nose pliers. I gave the little sculptures (bears, rabbits, whatever) to random employees, which they left on their workstation. One day as I was making one of the little sculptures, I looked over my right shoulder to see my supervisor standing directly behind me just watching me with a clipboard. I paused, looked her dead in the eye, held out the sculpture and said, “Want a bear?” She fired me on the spot.

I’m now an Animator at Disney.

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2014 Best Video Winner: Tripp and Tyler

The 2014 Hollywood Bound Award for Best Video goes to… Tripp and Tyler!


John had this to say about Tripp and Tyler’s video:

This video is great because it is a series of short examples that are all funny and really well done.

Here’s the nomination for Tripp and Tyler:

Individual: Tripp and Tyler
Organization: Green Tricycle Studios (
Submitted by Caller

We’ve all experienced the woes of conference calls, but what would it be like if you had a conference call in real life? Tripp and Tyler helped us experience just that in A Conference Call in Real Life.

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2014 Best Presentation Winner: Gavin McMahon

The 2014 Let the Man/Woman Speak Award for Best Presentation goes to… Gavin McMahon!


Andrew had this to say about Gavin’s presentation:

The simple yet dynamic design of each slide makes the already great content even more engaging. A great example of how the look of slides can help improve the material.

Here’s the nomination for Gavin:

Individual: Gavin McMahon
Organization: fassforward (
Submitted by hello1 

Gavin shares Pixar’s 22 Rules of Phenomenal Storytelling in a creative, artistic way. Each slide has an interesting design and references characters and themes from Pixar’s movies, connecting the images to the content.

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2014 Best Email Winner: Mandi Runkles

The 2014 Mark as Always Read Award for Best Email goes to… Mandi Runkles!


Julie Ann had this to say about Mandi’s email:

Do I really need to explain my choice of someone who utilizes National Humor month to educate the masses?

Here’s the nomination for Mandi:

Individual: Mandi Runkles
Organization: Frederick County Bank (
Submitted by Mandi 

To celebrate Humor Month, Mandi sent out a daily email that encouraged her coworkers to take a break with humor. Here are a few examples of the fun she encouraged:

National Humor Month

National Humor Month was founded in 1976 by best-selling humorist Larry Wilde, Director of The Carmel Institute of Humor. It is designed to heighten public awareness on how the joy and therapeutic value of laughter can improve health, boost morale, increase communication skills and enrich the quality of one’s life.”

Create a Funny File of Your Own

Find out what makes you laugh and nurture it. Each of us has an individual sense of humor. There are many life experiences we can look back on and laugh about uproariously. Childhood incidents, school situations, even marriage mishaps.

Remember the embarrassing moments that were so painful when they happened but are funny now when you think about them.

Doodle for Your Noodle

Researchers suspect that doodling helps keep people more alert and reduces daydreaming. In a study of 40 adults, half of the group shaded in a row of shapes and the other half did nothing while listening to a boring phone message. Later, when asked to remember what they had heard, the doodlers recalled 29 percent more information than the nondoodlers.

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The 2014 Most Humorous Company Award for Best Corporate Culture goes to… DPR Construction!


Jill had this to say about DPR Construction’s culture:

You don’t often think of construction companies as having a sense of humor.  I loved the idea of the Celebrate This party to celebrate whatever the occasion called for.

Here’s the nomination for DPR Construction:

Organization: DPR Construction (
Submitted by nunchuks

DPR Construction celebrates both its work and its people. One of their biggest awards which includes a free week of vacation and a $2,000 trip, was named after one of their employees who hit 30,000 consecutive hours without an accident.  Each month they have a CelebrateThis party to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and every work location has a wine bar where employees can socialize at the end of the day. All told, 95% of employees say that DPR is a fun place to work.

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The 2014 You Better Recognize Award for Best Recognition Program goes to… Hilcorp Energy!


Andrew had this to say about Hilcorp Energy’s recognition program:

What makes their recognition program truly special is that the rewards are customized to the recipient. It follows the platinum rule that it’s best to treat people the way they want to be treated and shows that the managers really care about the person doing the job, not just the job itself.

Here’s the nomination for Hilcorp Energy:

Organization: Hilcorp Energy (
Submitted by Steve-E

Managers at Hilcorp Energy are given flexibility with how they reward their direct reports. They are given a budget from corporate that allows them to recognize their employees in personalized ways, such as equestrian rides / lassoing lessons to a horse enthusiast.

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